Welcome to the new Brent McDonald Music site!  I'm glad you are here and I appreciate you checking out my music and recording studio!  Please feel free to check out photos, listen to tunes, and click on the new features.  Also be sure to visit  "Echo Mill Studio" page for a look at my recording studio! This is a long time coming so I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!

Thanks everyone!

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My first blog! Musician/Artist + Planning = BETTER 

Well, I'm not 100% sure what to write as I've probably read about 5 blogs since the internet was installed in my college dorm room in 1998.  So, with that….here goes!

My wife is an amazing planner….I am not.  I have resisted her planning powers for years, however, I am at a point in my life that I am giving up the fight.  She was, is, and always will be right when it comes to the fact that planning is everything.  Well,  actually she's right on 99.9% of everything(got the t-shirts to prove it) but she is really, really right when it comes to planning.  Recently I've surprised her with creating daily lists of things I need to do, and ironic enough, I'm doing one of those tasks right now.  I'm creating a new website.

As a musician, there is one thing I do well and it is to not focus.  My brain will have,seriously, about 2,000 thoughts in the course of 60 seconds.  That is great for ideas but terrible for following through.  I think as artists, we have that spontaneous character trait that always teeters on the edge of "wonderfully creative" and "tragic flaw".  The spontaneity is the fuel for our creativity,  and the creativity is the fuel for our emotional well being. 

Despite my need to create, there is always a time of the day when I say to myself "you really should be focusing more" or "you really should stop playing songs you already know and practice arpeggios over a ii-V-I progression".   Enter in "the list".  I really hate to admit that a simple list keeps my "#$%^" together and really keeps me moving towards my goals.  The more goals I reach the better I feel about my progress as a musician, father, husband, etc…When I feel good about my accomplishments, I'm able to be spontaneous without guilt.  That feeds my creativity and the cycle will continue.

I hope I have made a little sense as my brain has wandered far away from this blog a hundred times since I started typing….however, the point is this…my wife is right.  LOL!  While true, the bigger picture is that a simple list will get us (artists/musicians) through the day with a real sense of accomplishment.  What is it that you need to get done?   A new website?  Practice Schedule? Learning new material?  Whatever it is write it down, check it off, feel good.  Happy listing!


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