Welcome to the Brent McDonald Music site!  I'm glad you are here and I appreciate you checking out my music and recording studio!  Please feel free to check out photos, listen to tunes, and click on the new features.  Also be sure to visit  "Echo Mill Studio" page for a look at my recording studio! T
Thanks everyone!

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Hello Everyone!

Things are busy as usual, and with spring in full swing the private events and wedding gigs are picking up!  Please check out my weddingwire.com account and gig masters links if you, or someone you know, is looking for live music for their event!  

I have some recording projects in the works as well so look for more information on that in the near future.  That is all for now...just a quick update.  I hope you all are well and have a great day!

*** please check out my updated schedule and I hope you can make a show sometime!  


Gratitude.....My focus in this new year is to be grateful for all that I have.  For so long I've focused on the things I don't have and as a result I've found myself in a constant state of motion, at light speed, to a destination called "Nowhere".  It is completely absurd to miss out on the one million things that I have going right for me just because  a few material, personal or career opportunities are missing. It's time I take some personal inventory. What do I have in stock?  Healthy family..check.  Loving wife and kids....check.  A bed to sleep in, eyes to see, arms, legs, teeth, shoes, etc...

What is sold out or needs refilling in your inner store?  Or better yet....what needs fulfillment.  I bet if you take your inventory, you'll find that you have so much "right" in stock, that that the low supply of self esteem, ease, peace and joy will magically replenish themselves.  At least that's my theory....

(More Joy)


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