Welcome to the new Brent McDonald Music site!  I'm glad you are here and I appreciate you checking out my music and recording studio!  Please feel free to check out photos, listen to tunes, and click on the new features.  Also be sure to visit  "Echo Mill Studio" page for a look at my recording studio! This is a long time coming so I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!

Thanks everyone!

Latest News

Hello Everyone!

Just a quick update about what's been going on here!  In addition to the weddings and gigs really picking up this time of year, I've been focusing on my writing. I won't say when I will put out another release because honestly I just don't have a clue when that might be.  I'm taking things one day at a time right now and will update the album situation when there is more concrete info!  

I have been writing many new songs but also co-writing with an amazing up and coming singer/songwriter out of Columbia, SC.  We are writing with plans to put together a new album for here at some point in the near future.   Her name is Emma Kate and I produced, co-engineered and mixed her first ever release in 2013.  It is called "Out of Nowhere" and can be found on iTunes.  She is one of my favorite singers and at such a young age, she continually blows my mind with her songwriting.  She is one of the "I knew her when" artists you need to check out!!!

So, with that….Thanks for stopping by and please check out my updated schedule and I hope you can make a show sometime!  


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